GGR353H5 Disease and Death

GGR353 Course Desciption

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the geography of health and health care, emphasizing the links between health and place, and covers six broad thematic areas including the development of health geography as a sub-discipline, data collection/analysis, medical, social and cultural models of health/illness, health systems delivery and inequalities.

Credits: Social Science

Lecture hours: 24

Tutorial hours: 12

Exclusion: GGR450H1 or GGR451H1

Prerequisite: 9.0 credits

Recommended preparation: GGR111H5

Core Skills Developed

  • understanding of the geographical aspects of disease diffusion and links between health and place
  • understanding of the differences in health access and outcomes across social groups and classes
  • critical reading and analysis of health research
  • verbal and written communication skills