GGR311H5 Landscape Biogeography

GGR311 Course Desciption

Course Description

A geographical, multi-scale perspective on the relationship between the physical landscape and the distribution, movement, dispersal and abundance of select animal species. Landscape measures including —but not limited to — fragmentation indices, habitat metrics and estimates of animal movement will be considered. Emphasis is placed on understanding the biology of the species being studied, the physical structure of the landscape and the intricacies of various modeling software. Students should expect to develop a well-rounded set of skills in analyzing animal movement, and producing relevant and usable results towards the management of varied landscapes and the conservation of species.

Credits: Science

Lecture hours: 24

Practicum hours: 12

Prerequisite:  9.0 credits

This course combined my love of GIS with my interest in environmental conservation.

Larry Anders

Core Skills Developed

  • map making
  • graphic design
  • cartography