Gerard Otiniano

Gerard Otiniano
PhD Student

Supervisor: Dr. Trevor Porter
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta



  • PhD student – University of Toronto Mississauga
  • MSc – University of Toronto Mississauga
  • BSc Earth and Atmospheric Sciences – University of Alberta

Research and Professional Interests

My research uses paleoclimate reconstruction to explore the past climate for Eastern Beringia (Central Alaska and Yukon) during the Pliocene (2.5-6 Ma). I use temperature-dependent hydrogen isotope signals present in fossil leaf was and volcanic glass shards as proxies to reconstruct the climate conditions – specifically temperature. I also use pollen assemblages and branched chain glycerol diakyl glycerol tetra ethers (brGDGTs) to aid my climate reconstructions.

I plan to stay in academia until someone tells me to go home!

Why Geography at UTM?

  1. Great supervisor with a focus that aligns perfectly with my interests
  2. Incredible graduate cohort and community
  3. (: