Solidarity and Support for Students at Laurentian University

As part of an effort coordinated through the Canadian Association of Geographers, Department of Geography, Geomatics and Environment at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) welcomes students in Geography, GIS, and Environment fields from suspended programs at Laurentian University to contact us about completing UTM courses online. Please contact our Undergraduate Counsellor, Sabrina Ferrari at, who will assist Laurentian students with admission and registration queries.

Students from Laurentian should obtain a LOP from their home institution and then apply as a visiting non-degree student to UTM. Details to apply as a visiting non-degree student can be found here:

The following online courses are being offered in Spring/Summer 2021, all in online format:

ENV100Y5F - The Environment (SCI) (May – June)
ENV201H5F - Environmental Management (SSc) (May – June)
GGR202H5F - Geography of Canada (SSc) (May – June)
GGR208H5S - Population Geography (SSc) (July – August)
GGR209H5F - Economic Geography (SSc) (May – June)
GGR276H5S - Spatial Data Science I (SCI) (July – August)
GGR278H5F - Geographical Information Systems (SCI) (May – June)
GGR305H5S - Biogeography (SCI) (July – August)
GGR313H5F - Gender and the City (SSc) (May – June)
GGR316H5F - Landforms (SCI) (May – June)
GGR325H5S - Business and Industrial Geography (SSc) (July – August)
GGR363H5S - Global Migration and Health (SSc) (July – August)

The details for each course, including course instructor, offering time, and syllabus, can be found at (Note, course syllabi are only linked once posted).

Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 courses will be added when more information is available.