Csillag Seminar Series

Date:  Feb. 5, 2020
Time:  12-1 p.m.
Place:  DV3130

Dr. Julian Marshall

Prof. Julian Marshall
John R. Kiely Endowed Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Washington

'Just' cities: traffic-related air pollution and justice in the context of urban sustainability

Dr. Julian Marshall

My research is in exposure assessment: understanding how much pollution people breathe, and how to reduce those exposures. My specific areas of focus are (1) Air pollution impacts of urban form; (2) Air pollution and health impacts of transportation energy consumption, including alternative fuels (biofuels, electric vehicles) and active travel (walking, biking); (3) In situ measurement of fine particles in developing countries.

Two core themes underlying those areas are modelling and measuring spatiotemporal variability in pollution concentrations; and environmental justice: understanding who is more exposed or less exposed to air pollution, how exposures correlate with attributes such as race or income, and how changes in emissions might shift existing exposure gaps.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Julian Marshall is the Kiely Endowed Professor of Environmental Engineering at University of Washington. Dr. Marshall studies exposure to air pollution, including air pollution health impacts of transportation and electricity generation; disparities in exposure; and air pollution measurements in low-income countries. He is Associate Editor for Environmental Health Perspectives and for Development Engineering. Dr. Marshall runs the Grand Challenges Impact Lab, a UW study abroad program in Bangalore, India. Dr. Marshall has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, including several 'most read'/ 'most downloaded' articles.

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