Dr. Trevor Porter


My Research Interests

I am a paleoclimatologist, which means I study past climates. My geographic focus is NW Canada and Alaska, including sites just south of the Arctic circle to the Arctic coast in NWT. My research aims to reconstruct past climate dynamics and change in Arctic regions using natural climate proxies, such as tree- rings, relict ground ice or fossil plant remains (e.g., pollen, leaf waxes) in the sedimentary record. Data generated from this type of work help to fill spatial and temporal gaps in our knowledge of the Arctic system, which is largely constrained by a sparse network of instrumental stations spanning the last 50-100 years. There are no analogues in the historic era for where the Arctic system is going, and therefore we must look to past warm intervals to better understand what a future, warmer Arctic may look like, and how sensitive it is to the forcings (greenhouse gases, solar output and volcanic aerosols) and feedbacks that drive climate change over short and long timescales.

I participate in the following research clusters:

Environmental Processes & Change in Natural Systems

Graduate Student Recruitment

I am seeking graduate students with a demonstrated interest and knowledge in past climatic change. You will join my group to work on field-based research projects in NW Canada and Alaska related to paleoclimatic change. If your interests align with my research program, please contact me with your CV and statement of interest.

Dr. Trevor Porter

EMAIL: trevor.porter@utoronto.ca

PHONE: 905 828 5314

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WEBSITE: https://utmpaleolab.wordpress.com/