Xiaomeng Zuo

Xiaomeng Zuo

MSc Student Dr. Laura Brown, supervisor

Research and Professional Interests

According to my background in both physical geography and GIS, the objective of my graduate study is to identify the distribution of summertime snow cover extent variations in the Canadian Arctic using reanalysis data, and compare them with time, intensity, and amount of summer precipitation. Due to the unevenness of local surface properties, such as landcover type and morphology, the observed changes will be different. In areas with large variations, I will further analyze the reasons for the local changes and explore future trends.

Why Geography, Geomatics and Environment at UTM?

The environment of the UTM campus is very famous, and I always wanted to study here. In addition, I also hope to do my graduate research in UTM to know more excellent students and practice my research skills. Dr. Laura Brown has a lot of resources that are very helpful to my research and is also very interested in my research objectives. I also hope that I can learn more from my research with her.


Research Supervisor/mentor: 
Dr. Laura Brown


MSc Student - University of Toronto
Bachelor of Physical Geography, with GIS certificate – Queen's University