Tal Litmanovitch

Tal Litmanovitch

MSc Student Dr. Tim Duval, supervisor

Research and Professional Interests

I am currently analyzing the water quality treatment efficiency of the stormwater pond at UTM. I have always been committed to studying issues related to freshwater contamination. Over the course of my research, I developed a deep interest in issues related to the management and monitoring of urban water quality, and hope that I can apply my passion and commitment to the environmental management by helping maintain the health of urban ecosystems.

Why Geography at UTM?

Geography at UTM offers a great chance to develop your research skills and learn about the most current scientific work being done by fellow students and professors. Studying at UTM also offers the experience to expand hands on skills that can be applied to future careers in science.

Honours and Awards

  • Deans’ Honour List (McMaster)


Research Supervisor/mentor: 
Dr. Tim Duval


MSc Student - University of Toronto
Honours BSc - McMaster University