Priya Patel

Priya Patel

MSc Student Dr. Matthew Adams, supervisor

Research Interests

My research is focused on downscaling satellite remote estimates of nitrogen dioxide from the TROPOMI satellite. Using satellite remote sensing to measure air quality is an exciting new area of research that can provide citizens with near real time estimates of air pollutant concentrations within their region. I will be focusing on the GTHA region for my research, but I hope to eventually expand my project to provide global estimates of air quality. Furthermore, I want to eventually move my research focus to pinpoint sources of global carbon emissions using satellite imagery. 

My long-term career interests include expanding and creating products using what I've learned in my research. I’ve become interested in entrepreneurship and I would be interested in creating a start-up or products. I also hope to shape municipal regulations and sustainable guidelines using the conclusions drawn in my research.

Why Geography, Geomatics and Environment at UTM?

I came across the work being done at UTM through research I was doing at a previous consulting position. I admired the different research collaboratives broad scope of work being done at the School of Geography. I spoke to Dr. Matthew Adams about my skill development goals and we crafted a project that would challenge and push me in my technical ability. So far it's been great!


Research Supervisor/mentor: 
Dr. Matthew Adams


MSc Student - University of Toronto
B.Eng. Environmental Engineering - University of Guelph