Melissa Heppner

Melissa Heppner

MA Student Dr. Andrea Olive

Research and Professional Interests

I'm interested in the human-environment relationship and property responsibilities (not just rights). I want to know what motivates and demotivates private landowners to practice conservation on their land. Right now, I'm focused on how commercial bison ranchers help or hinder bison restoration to the northern Great Plains. I am also interested in how religious communities, like the Hutterites, view land stewardship. I have a background in Environmental Management, Environmental Science and Geography (Sc.), and I enjoy the challenge of solving environmental issues from both a physical and social science perspective. 

Honours and Awards

  • Jean M. Niskanen Scholarship, 2020
  • University of Toronto Excellence Award, 2021


Research Supervisor/mentor: 
Dr. Andrea Olive


MA Student - Human Geography - University of Toronto
HBSc with high distinction in Environmental Management, Environmental Science, and Geography (Science) - University of Toronto Mississauga