Alvin Xiong

Alvin Xiong

MSc Student Dr. Igor Lehnherr, supervisor

Research and Professional Interests

My background covers a broad range of topics from chemistry and physiology to environmental science and geography. I also have research and work experience in wet lab experiments, and in analysis using ArcGIS, R and Python. My research interests include biogeochemistry, physical geography, microbial ecology in the Arctic. I plan to apply these different perspectives to take a holistic approach to my Master’s research. My current Master’s project involves investigating the bioaccumulation, biomagnification, and source of organic contaminants in the food web of ringed seals in a northern Labrador fjord.

Why Geography at UTM?

The UTM campus is a perfect platform for me to conduct research that combines physical geography, environmental science and biogeochemistry. My Supervisor, Dr. Igor Lehnherr, provides access to tremendous wet lab and fieldwork opportunities in Canada and abroad.


Research Supervisor/mentor: 
Dr. Igor Lehnherr


MSc Student – University of Toronto
BSc Chemistry, Physiology, Environmental Science – University of Toronto