Camilo Ordonez Barona

Camilo Ordonez Barona

Post Doctoral Fellow Geography, Geomatics and Environment
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Research and Professional Interests

Camilo’s innovative research strives to understand the social-ecological dynamics of urban nature to help cities become more liveable and resilient, with a focus on urban forests and trees. His interdisciplinary research focuses on how people perceive and engage with urban forests; urban forests influences on people and wildlife; management and governance of urban forests; resilience to climate change in urban forests; engineered systems to support urban forests. He combines a wide range of natural- and social science methods. Camilo has held positions as lecturer at Dalhousie and Brock Universities, and as postdoctoral research fellow at Ryerson University as well as the University of Melbourne (Australia). His collaborative research is based in Canada, Australia, Europe, and Latin America.

Recent News

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