Dr. Egide Kalisa

Egide Kalisa

Post Doctoral Fellow Geography, Geomatics and Environment
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Dr. Kalisa obtained a PhD in Health and Environmental Science at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and MSc Air Pollution Management and Control obtained from the University of Birmingham in the UK. He studied exposure to air pollution, understanding how much pollution people breathe, and how to reduce those exposures. His specific areas of focus are Air pollution impacts of urban form, Indoor Air pollution, and health impacts, Environmental noise pollution, Bioaerosol, and air quality and heatwaves. He has a very strong analytical chemistry background with the ability to quantify difficult non-traditional pollutants, such as PAHs and NPAHs, which are not commonly measured by government monitoring programs because of the specialized techniques that are required. He has considerable experience working with multidisciplinary and international research teams, and his commitment to a scientific career has driven him to lead the nascent field of air quality research in sub-Saharan Africa. His current projects are Children exposure to ambient air pollution at school in Rwanda and in Canada, Interdependence of Indoor and outdoor air pollution in Rwanda households.


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