Request to Forfeit Secondary School Transfer Credit

Since the course work that generates these transfer credits was completed as a compulsory part of a secondary school curriculum, U of T Mississauga permits a student attending university for the first time to forfeit these credits.

Students transferring from another division at U of T or another post-secondary institution are not eligible to forfeit awarded secondary school transfer credits.

You are advised to have a discussion with the Academic Advising team and your desired program area's Undergraduate Advisor before requesting a forfeit of credits, as they can help clarify the decision with you.

How Transfer Credits Are Used for my Degree?

Secondary school transfer credits may be used as part of the total credit count (20.0) needed for a degree at U of T Mississauga. Many transfer credits may be used toward completion of the Distribution Requirement (one of the requirements of the degree) and in some cases they may be used to fulfill program and prerequisite requirements.

Deadline to Request a Forfeit of Transfer Credit

For students admitted in September 2021, the deadline to request a forfeit is May 31, 2022.

For students admitted in September 2022, the deadline to request a forfeit is May 31, 2023.

Why Forfeit Transfer Credits?

Transfer credits can impact your tuition fees should you decide to enrol in a deregulated fee program.

If you have received 4.0 or more transfer credits, your first-year tuition fees will be retroactively assessed after you enrol in a deregulated fees program and you will see an increase in your fees. Forfeiting some transfer credits, or if you receive 3.5 or fewer transfer credits, you will not be retroactively charged deregulated program fees.

Rules and Regulations

Should you choose to forfeit your transfer credits, they will not be reinstated at a later date. It is important that you make an informed decision, so if you are unsure, consult the Academic Advising team or the Undergraduate Advisor of your desired program area.

You can choose to forfeit some or all of your transfer credits. However, if you wish to forfeit credits for a secondary school course, you have to forfeit all of the credits for that course. You cannot forfeit partial credits for one particular course.

The option to forfeit is only available to students who have not attended another post-secondary institution or division at U of T.

Transfer credits that have been forfeited will be listed as "Extra" and have a credit weight of 0.00 on ACORN and Degree Explorer. Processing time can be up to 10 business days for your record to be updated.

How to Submit a Forfeit Request

In order to submit a formal request, send an email from your account to You must use the following template when composing your email. Ensure to replace all bolded text with your information before submission.

My name is FIRST & LAST NAME, student number 100XXXXXXX, and I wish to forfeit the following transfer credits awarded from my CURRICULUM NAME:

    Secondary School Course (U of T Mississauga Course Code)
•    Example: A-Level Accounting (MGT1**H)

I have read and understand the rules and regulations surrounding the forfeiture of my secondary school transfer credits. I also acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to discuss my questions and concerns with an Academic Advisor in the Office of the Registrar.

Thank you,

Please note that incomplete requests and requests received after the deadline date above will not be processed.