Theatre & Drama Studies Audition

Students Perform

Eligibility for an Audition

The audition for the Sheridan portion of the Theatre & Drama Studies program is weighted equally with your academic entrance average. Once you apply and have received your U of T applicant number, schedule your audition and pay the audition fee. Auditions will be held in April and take place at Sheridan’s Trafalgar Road Campus in Oakville, Ontario.

Registration for auditions will open in mid-December.

The Audition

You must bring with you the following materials to Sheridan when attending your audition:

  • A résumé of your theatrical background and experience
  • Names and contact information for two people who have agreed to act as references regarding your work as a performer and all-round theatre person.
  • You will also be asked to complete additional questionnaires and a brief interview. These steps help us determine your preparation, goals, and commitment to the actor's craft and the study of the theatre.

The audition itself will assess your current acting skills by having you perform:

  • Two contrasting prepared monologues:
    • One from a classical play (Shakespeare preferred)
    • One from a full-length play by an established contemporary playwright (Canadian preferred)
  • One verse of any song (unaccompanied).
  • One on-the-spot improvisation

Specific instructions regarding the development and presentation of these items may be downloaded by eligible applicants when they make their audition appointment.



If you would like more information or have any questions about the Theatre & Drama auditions as an applicant to U of T Mississauga, please contact:

Megan Janssen
Recruitment & Liaison Officer