Automatic Entrance Scholarships

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When you are admitted to the University of Toronto Mississauga, you are automatically eligible for some scholarships, based on academic excellence and other criteria. You are notified of your eligibility of an entrance scholarship on your offer letter, along with any terms and conditions of retaining the scholarship.

Please review the terms and conditions of UTM's Entrance Scholarships at the bottom of this page.

UTM Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships

The University of Toronto Mississauga has defined criteria for awarding guaranteed entrance scholarships to all domestic and international students admitted to our campus.

Admission Average Scholarship Value

95.0% and above

Up to $12,000
($3,000 x 4 years)

92.0% — 94.9%


90.0% — 91.9%


Students admitted in 2017/18 to the 2018/19 academic year may review the scholarship guidelines outlined in their offer letter. Please click here to download a summary document.

UTM Automatic Scholarships

The University of Toronto Mississauga offers a variety of scholarships and awards in partnership with other organizations. The following require no application and are awarded automatically.

Arthur Lindsay Fernie Endowment Award in Drama
Awarded to U of T Mississauga student(s) registered in Theatre and Drama program; based on academic excellence and audition performance. Some awards are granted on the basis of financial need.
Value: Varies
Quantity: Varies

A.W. Oughtred Memorial Admission Scholarship
To be awarded to a student with high academic standing who is entering UTM from Erindale Secondary School
Value: Varies
Quantity: 1

City of Mississauga Pope John Paul II Admission Scholarship
To be awarded to the student graduating with the highest standing from a Mississauga Secondary School who is enrolling in full-time studies at UTM in Year 1. This scholarship may be combined with any other admission scholarship provided the maximum aggregate value does not exceed $5,000.
Value: Varies
Quantity: 1

Clarkson Rotary Club and Peel Region Science Fair Scholarship
To be awarded to a full-time student, with high academic standing, admitted to a Science Specialist program. The student must be a graduate of a Region of Peel high school. Registration in the following Winter Session is a requirement of this award.
Value: Varies
Quantity: 1

Gera and Nirula Achievement Award
Awarded to an undergraduate student entering full-time studies in Year 1 on the basis of financial need. Academic merit will also be considered. The student must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident prior to enrolling at UTM. The Award is renewable for three more years provided that the recipient remains in full-time studies at UTM and maintains a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0, and participates in on-campus or off-campus volunteer activities, which demonstrates service and giving back to the community.
Value: Varies
Quantity: 1; renewable for up to 3 years

L.M. Picchione Admission Scholarship in Italian
To be awarded to an outstanding high school student based on their academic achievement in a senior level Italian course and on the recommendation of the Italian Department. Payment conditional on registering at UTM in one of the following courses, ITA200Y or higher level courses
Value: Varies
Quantity: 1

Saini Family Entrance Scholarship
Awarded to a UTM first-year student registered in a full time course load at the undergraduate level. The student must be a top applicant and have demonstrated financial need.
Value: Varies
Quantity: 1

U of T Automatic Scholarships

The following scholarships are open to all applicants to U of T. They require no application and are awarded automatically. More information about additional U of T Scholarships, including terms & conditions, can be found here:

President's Scholars of Excellent Award
The most highly qualified students applying to first year of direct entry, undergraduate studies will be distinguished as President’s Scholars of Excellence. They will receive an entrance scholarship in their first year of studies; guaranteed access to part-time, meaningful, on-campus employment during second year; and guaranteed access to an international learning opportunity during their U of T experience. Additional features may be offered by the admitting Faculty; these will be communicated explicitly in the letter of admission.

U of T Scholars Award
The U of T Scholars Program provides recognition to the University’s outstanding students, at admission and on an on-going basis. In some cases a U of T Scholars award is tenable in conjunction with other admission awards that students may receive from their college/faculty. Outstanding domestic and international secondary school students are considered automatically for these awards on the basis of their average at the time of admission.

UTM Entrance Scholarship Terms & Conditions 

The following conditions apply to all UTM Entrance Scholarships:

  • The availability and monetary value of all scholarships are for the current admission cycle/or applicants for the current admission year, and are subject to change in the future.
  • Each year, the University of Toronto Mississauga reserves the right to change the value and eligibility criteria for awards without notice.
  • If you qualify for an entrance scholarship, either your eligibility and/or the details for the receipt of your scholarship will be outlined in your offer of admission.

The following conditions apply to all UTM Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships:

  • Available to all newly admitted students directly from high school and are assessed automatically on admission (no application required).
  • Scholarships are based on the admitted average.
  • Scholarships are contingent on full-time registration.
  • Where a course has been repeated, the first grade attained will be used in calculating average for scholarship eligibility.
  • Transfering, internal application, visiting, or non-degree students are not eligible for these scholarships.

The following conditions apply specifically to the UTM $3,000 Renewable Entrance Scholarship:

  • Students must achieve and maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.70 at the end of Fall/Winter session to be eligible for renewal.
  • The scholarship is renewed on the basis that you continuously maintain full-time registration at UTM in the Fall/Winter sessions.
  • Students need to have completed at least 3.0 credits by the end of the Fall/Winter session of each year to qualify for renewal of the scholarship. 
  • The renewable portion of the scholarship is tenable for upper year students who have received the initial $3,000 portion of this entrance scholarship in 2017 or later; scholarships for students admitted in previous years are not renewable.
  • If the award is lost in any year due to any conditions not being met, it may not be renewed in a subsequent year, even if all conditions are met.
  • The scholarship may be renewed up to three consecutive times.
  • Scholarship is paid in the subsequent Fall/Winter session.