Online Events

Student Ambassadors sitting in the Innovation Complex

You may not always be available to join us on campus or in person. Throughout the year, we host online webinars, chats, and events for prospective students. Join us and discover the many opportunities available at U of T Mississauga, speak with current students, ask our staff your questions, and learn more from our partners across campus.

Upcoming Events

International Education Webinars

If you're an international student with a 2020 offer to U of T Mississauga that you've accepted, you're invited to attend one of our upcoming webinars for international students, co-hosted by the International Education Centre. Each webinar will feature a few need-to-know updates, but expand into unique themes and provide the opportunity to ask questions. We hope you will join us!

If you've applied to U of T Mississauga, we'll email you updates when events go live with an invitation to register. If you have not applied to U of T Mississauga, you can opt to receive personalized information from the University of Toronto, notification about application deadlines, and invitations to events & information sessions by completing this form.