Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Many of our campus tours are led by a Student Ambassador, a current upper-year student or recent grad. Read on to learn more about where they're from, what they're studying, and how they're involved on campus.

Photo of Arianne

Arianne | Student Lead

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Program: Major in Political Science, and French Studies
Year: 4
Residence: Off-campus

On-Campus Involvement:

  • President, UTM Filipino Student Association (FSA)
  • General Member, Pre-Law Organization (PLO)
  • General Member, Catholic Student Club (CSC)

Favourite Course: FRE272 - The Structure of Modern French: An Introduction


Photo of Aisha

Aisha | Outreach & Recruitment

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Program: Major in CCIT; Major in Political Science; Minor in Ethics, Law and Society
Year: 4
Residence: Off-campus

On-Campus Involvement:

  • ICCIT Senior Mentor
  • Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Diversity Business League 

Favourite Course: CCT434 - Design Thinking ll


Photo of Fathema

Fathema | Events

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario
Program: Specialist in Biology
Year: 3
Residence: Off-campus

On-Campus Involvement:

  • UTM Women's Varsity Basketball Team
  • Wellness Ambassador, Health and Counselling Centre
  • UTM Volleyball Intramurals
  • Intramural Game Manager
  • Facilitated Study Group Peer Leader, Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre

Favourite Course: BIO208 – Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology I


Photo of Rohit

Rohit | Events

Hometown: Mumbai, India
Program: Major in Statistics; Minor in Mathematics; Minor in Political Science 
Year: 4
Residence: Off-campus

On-Campus Involvement:

  • Soccer Player
  • Tour Ambassador
  • Event Volunteer

Favourite Course: STA304 – Surveys, Sampling and Observational Data


Photo of Debora

Debora | Community Engagement

Hometown: Moncton, New Brunswick 
Program: Specialist in Women & Gender Studies, Minor in Philosophy, Minor in Sociology
Year: 4
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • Volunteer Coordinator, Black Students’ Association (BSA)
  • VP Social Media, African Students’ Association (UTMASA)
  • BAEE@UTM Student Ambassador
  • Group Research Paper Feature on the UTM Undergraduate Sociology Journal

Favourite Course: SOC317 – Sociology of Shopping


Photo of Melissa

Melissa | Community Engagement

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Program: Specialist in Psychology, Minor in Biology
Year: 4
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • Research Assistant in the Self Knowledge and Interpersonal Lab at UTM
  • Member, Psychology Association of Undergraduate Studies at Erindale
  • Member, Erindale Biology Society
  • Member, UTM Catholic Students Club

Favourite Course: BIO210 – Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology


Photo of Tobi

Tobi | Community Engagement 

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Program: Major in Biology for Health Sciences, Minor in Psychology, Minor in Biomedical Communications
Year: 3
Residence: Off-campus

On-Campus Involvement:

  • President, African Students’ Association (UTMASA)
  • Events Coordinator, African Students’ Association (UTMASA)
  • BAEE@UTM Student Ambassador
  • Participant, Living Learning Community (LLC)
  • Participant, Peer Academic Leader (PAL) Workshop

Favourite Course: HSC200 - Imaging Technologies for Scientific Visual Communication

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