Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Many of our campus tours are led by a Student Ambassador, a current upper-year student or recent grad. Read on to learn more about where they're from, what they're studying, and how they're involved on campus.

Photo of Arianne

Arianne | Student Lead

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Program: Major in Political Science and French Studies
Year: 5
Residence: Off-campus

On-Campus Involvement:

  • ROP Research Assistant, Research on homelessness in Canada
  • ROP Research Assistant, Individual Differences in the Third Language Acquisition of Grammatical Agreement
  • General Member, UTM Filipino Student Association (FSA)

Favourite Course: ANT214 – Anthropology of Food and Nutrition


Photo of Amy

Amy | Community Engagement

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario
Program: Major in Biology for Health Science, Minor in Chemistry, Minor in Biomedical communications
Year: 4
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • Discover UTM volunteer
  • Black Access to Educational Excellence (BAEE) Ambassador
  • General member- African Students Association

Favourite Course: HSC200 – Imaging technologies for Scientific Visual Communication


Photo of Inaas

Inaas | Community Engagement

Hometown: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 
Program: Specialist in Computer Science
Year: 2
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • Marketing Associate, Google Developer Student Club UTSG

Favourite Course: CSC148 – Introduction to Computer Science


Photo of Jan

Jan | Community Engagement

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Program: Major in Political Science, Minor in Political Philosophy
Year: 2
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • UTMSU Tax Clinic Staffer
  • Discover UTM Volunteer

Favourite Course: POL114 – Politics in a Global World ("International Relations is cool!")
Favourite Colour: Royal Purple


Photo of Wen

Wenhan | Community Engagement

Hometown: New Jersey, USA
Program: Specialist in Finance, Major in Economics
Year: 3
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • Innovative Business Association (IBA)

Favourite Course: CCT110 – Rhetoric and Media

Photo of Heeji

Heeji | Campus Events

Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia
Program: Specialist in Biology
Year: 2
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • Executive Officer, UTM NextGen Lifelines 

Favourite Course: BIO153 – Diversity of Organisms


Photo of Joshita

Joshita | Campus Events

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario
Program: Specialist in Biology
Year: 4
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • Note-Taker Volunteer, Accessibility Services
  • VP of Marketing, UTM STEM Fellowship
  • Digital Media Assistant, Blackwood Gallery

Favourite Course: BIO378H5 – The Biology of Marine Mammals: evolution, physiology, ecology and conservation


Photo of Maddie

Maddie | Campus Events

Hometown: Mitchell, Ontario
Program: Major in Anthropology, Major in History of Religions
Year: 2
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • General Member, UTM Anthropology Society
  • Authentic Learning Lab volunteer
  • Centre for Student Engagement volunteer

Favourite Course: ANT210 – Fantasies, Hoaxes and Misrepresentations of the Ancient World


Photo of Neha

Neha | Campus Events

Hometown: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Program: Major in Criminology, Major in Sociology, Minor in Forensic Science
Year: 4
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • Peer Mentor - UTM Health and Counselling Centre
  • Tour Ambassador - Student Recruitment and Admissions Office
  • Research Associate - Cancer Awareness Student Organization
  • VP Outreach - UTM Miscarriages of Justice
  • Event Coordinator Associate - Champions of Change UTM
  • General volunteer - UTMSU

Favourite Course: SOC405 – Surveillance in a Digital World


Photo of Kasia

Kasia | ACE Peer Leader

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Program: Major in English, Minor in History, Minor in Sociology.
Year: 4
Residence: Off-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • Access Assistant at the CSE (Centre for Student Engagement)
  • Saturday Program Mississauga Tutor & Mentor
  • Senior Peer Leader for ACE@UTM.

Favourite Course: ENG223 – Intro to Shakespeare


Photo of Sirine

Sirine | Outreach

Hometown: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Program: Major in CCIT, Major in History
Year: 2
Residence: On-campus
On-Campus Involvement:

  • U-Pass Clerk, UTMSU
  • Completed Global and Intercultural Fluency Training Series, International Education Centre
  • Regular Involvement, Lebanese Student Association

Favourite Course: CCT110 – Rhetoric and Media 



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