Request to Mark Extra

Transfer credit awarded from previously completed post-secondary studies cannot be forfeited.

If you desire to take 100-level courses at U of T Mississauga but will exceed the 6.0 credit limit at the 100-level, you can request to have generic and unspecified transfer credits without exclusions marked as “extra” on your academic record. Doing this will allow your most recent 100-level courses completed at U of T Mississauga after the 6.0 limit to count towards your degree requirements.

If you have questions, or are unsure of how transfer credits can impact your degree and program progression, you are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor in the Office of the Registrar before altering your transfer credits.

Deadline for requests

You have one calendar year from the date of your first registration at U of T Mississauga to request changes to your transfer credit assessment pursuant to section 4.4 of the Academic Calendar.

How to Request to Mark Courses as Extra

In order to submit a formal request, send an email from your email account to You must use the following template when composing your email. Ensure to replace all bolded text with your information before submission.

My name is FIRST & LAST NAME, student number 100XXXXXXX, and I wish to have the following 100-level courses marked as “extra”:

    U of T Mississauga Course Code – Previous Post-Secondary Institution
•    GGR1**H5 – University of Ottawa
•    HIS1**H5 – University of Ottawa
•    SCI1**H5 – CEGEP Dawson
•    SSC1**H5 – CEGEP Dawson

I have read and understand the Transfer Credit Policies & Procedures and make this request to modify my record accordingly. I also acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to discuss my questions and concerns with an Academic Advisor in the Office of the Registrar.

Thank you,

Please note that incomplete requests and requests received after the deadline date above will not be processed.