Received an Offer

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Congratulations! UTM has a New Students website that offers a comprehensive guide outlining all of the necessary steps to prepare you for a successful start to your university experience.

Visit for more info.

‚ÄčAlternate Offers

Did you receive an offer to a program or U of T campus you didn't apply to? Congratulations! You've received an alternate offer!

Alternate Program Offers

An alternate program offer is not a rejection to the university; in fact, it’s another opportunity! We carefully consider all applications before providing an offer. Students who do not meet the requirements for their original program choice, but are still admissible to the University, are sometimes offered admission to an alternate program that reflects their academic strengths.

Alternate Campus Offers

The U of T family includes three distinct campuses, each offering a unique university experience, but all sharing in the commitment to provide our students with an excellent and unparalleled education. This tri-campus system means that our students are able to take courses at other U of T campuses, use all the facilities, be taught by professors who lecture at multiple campuses, and graduate with a University of Toronto degree.

While we realize that you may not have considered U of T Mississauga initially, we think that this offer is something for you to be excited about!

What's Next with an Alternate Offer

It’s important that you research your options, ask questions to the right people, and make an informed decision. This can begin by booking a guided campus tour with an upper-year student. The reasons to accept a university offer are often very personal and unique. Let us show you why accepting an offer to U of T Mississauga will help you to realize your future goals.

If you plan on taking summer school to increase your grades, notify us immediately of your intent to do so. If your final grades do increase, bring in your grade report to us as soon as you receive it and we may reconsider you for your original program choice, if the program still has space.

Deferring Your Admission

If you decide to put your studies on hold, you may request a one-year deferral of your offer of admission. If granted, the deferral of admission will also include a deferral of any entrance scholarship(s) awarded and the residence guarantee, if applicable. If you plan to attend another post-secondary institution, you will not be permitted to defer your admission. If your deferral request is granted, your offer of admission to the current academic year will automatically be cancelled.

The deadline to submit a Request for Deferral of Undergraduate Admission (PDF - form will be available in early 2019) form is September 1. As soon as your official, final transcripts are available, please mail them along with the completed form to:

Enrolment Services
University of Toronto
172 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5R 0A3