High School & Secondary Curriculum


If you completed, or are completing your secondary schooling under one of the following curricula, you may be eligible to receive transfer credit.

A transfer credit assessment is not required – eligible credits will be assessed and awarded automatically in the summer once final, official results are received.

Official results must be submitted to Enrolment Services as a part of your admission requirements.

Enrolment Services
University of Toronto
172 St George St
Toronto, ON M5R 0A3

Once final, official results have been received, eligible transfer credits will be processed. Details on how and when to submit your final, official results can be found under the respective equivalency chart below.

Secondary Curriculum Equivalency Charts

Transfer credit awarded for the above curricula can be specified (BIO152H5), unspecified (BIO1**H), or generic (SCI1**H). Regardless of the credit received, they will count towards the total number of credits required for your degree (20.0 FCE), as well as distribution requirements.

You may also be excluded from courses. If a course is listed as an exclusion, you cannot enroll in that course for credit unless you forfeit your transfer credit. Information about excluded courses is listed on each of the equivalency charts above.

Awarded transfer credit is listed on your University of Toronto academic record and transcript. Grades achieved are not shown or recorded, and are not included in your Grade Point Average.

Forfeiting Secondary School Transfer Credits

Since the course work that generates these transfer credits has been done as a compulsory part of a secondary school curriculum, if you are attending university for the first time, you can choose to forfeit these transfer credits.

If you are transferring from another division at the University of Toronto or another post-secondary institution, you are not eligible to forfeit secondary school transfer credits.

To learn more about forfeiting your secondary school transfer credits, please visit our Request to Forfeit Secondary School Transfer Credit page.