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Are you currently completing your second semester of a General Arts & Science diploma? Apply to take a summer course at U of T Mississauga as a visiting student with the General Arts & Science Summer Visiting Student Opportunity!

About this Pathway

The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) actively builds and maintains relationships with other higher education institutions to simplify the process of transferring to university. To date, we have partnered with George Brown, Humber, Mohawk, Niagara, and Sheridan.

Simply put, if you successfully complete the General Arts & Science (GAS) diploma programs intended for university transfer at a college listed here, you have the opportunity to apply for advanced standing (transfer credits) at UTM in an Arts stream (Humanities, Social Sciences, Communication & Culture, or Visual Studies).

Before You Apply

Prior to gaining admission to U of T Mississauga, the following requirements must be met:

  • Completion of a two-year (four-semester) General Arts & Science program
  • Final cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 (roughly 73%)
  • Successful completion of prerequisite courses (if listed, other than English) with strong grades

In order to obtain advanced standing (transfer credits) towards your academic history at UTM, the following requirements must be met:

  • An appropriate combination of courses (see agreements below)
  • A minimum of 60% in each transferable courses (listed in the appendix of each agreement below)

Many academic programs at UTM also have further prerequisite and/or GPA requirements. If you are interested in pursuing other programs, ensure that you are aware and meet these requirements. You can learn more on our Undergraduate Programs page

How to Apply & College Agreements


Application Procedures, Course Equivalencies, and College Agreements

George Brown College logo
General Arts and Science Two-Year (Diploma) Program (R101)

George Brown Application Procedures & Course Equivalencies

George Brown Agreement - 2016

Humber College logo
General Arts and Science - University Transfer (Diploma)

Humber Application Procedures & Course Equivalencies

Humber Agreement - 2016

Mohawk College logo
General Arts and Science (University Transfer) - 208

Mohawk Application Procedures & Course Equivalencies

Mohawk Agreement - 2016

Niagara College logo
General Arts and Science – Degree Transfer

This program is suspended for 2018

Niagara Application Procedures & Course Equivalencies

Niagara Agreement - 2016

Sheridan College logo
General Arts and Science – University Profile

Sheridan Application Procedures & Course Equivalencies

Sheridan Agreement - 2016


If you have any questions about our College Pathways, please contact the Manager, Pathway Programs at U of T Mississauga:

Phone: 905-569-5750
Fax: 905-569-4448
Twitter: @UTMPathways