After Applying

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  1. Join U of T
  2. Submitting Documents
  3. How Decisions Are Made
  4. When Decisions Are Made

Join U of T

Approximately one week after submitting your application online, you will receive an email with instructions to access the Join U of T website. Check this site for updates on the status of your application, notification of offers, and any additional information you may need to provide.

Submitting Documents

In some cases, we may ask for additional documentation not automatically provided by your educational institution. This may include academic transcripts, English language test scores, letters of explanation, etc. These documents will be listed as required on the Join U of T website. Instructions for submitting these documents are also listed on the Join U of T website.

Please be aware that items such as resumes, recommendation letters, and personal achievement awards will not be taken into consideration to the admissions process and we discourage you from submitting these types of documents.

How Decisions Are Made

We take many factors into consideration when assessing your application. The marks required for admission are not predetermined by the University. They vary from year to year, and are based on the competition among applicants for available spaces. This competition means that you are not guaranteed a place in your desired program even if you have the minimum requirements. Preference is given to students with the best qualifications.

Upgrading/Repeated Courses

While we recognize there may be valid reasons why you repeated a course, in general we urge you to do as well as possible on your first attempt. When calculating your admission average, we will use the higher mark for the course you have repeated. Keep in mind that U of T Mississauga reserves the right to give preference for admission consideration to students whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course. Finally, we will not use repeat courses when calculating your average for scholarship consideration.

Summer School/Night School Courses

All Grade 12 U or M courses are considered equivalent, regardless of where or how they are taken, as long as they are taken through a school approved by the Ministry of Education.

Special Consideration

If your academic record has been negatively affected by serious personal, health, or financial circumstances, we may give special consideration. The deadline to request special consideration is the same as your deadline to submit supporting documents; we encourage you to submit your request as soon as possible after applying.

  • If you applied using the OUAC 101 or 105 application, complete the "Request For Special Consideration" form and submit relevant supporting documentation to Enrolment Services. You can access this form on the Join U of T website.
  • If you applied using another type of application, submit a signed and dated letter, along with any relevant supporting documentation (e.g. a letter from a health care professional or social worker confirming the circumstances detailed in your letter), to Enrolment Services by mail (see Submitting Documents, above). Before you submit your letter and documents, please ensure that your full name and U of T applicant number appear at the top of the page. Your request will be considered when your application is complete; we recommend submitting all supporting documents as early as possible.

If you have any questions in advance of submitting your request for special consideration, please contact Enrolment Services directly, by phone: 416-978-2190.

When Decisions Are Made

Current Ontario High School Students (OUAC 101)

  • If you are a current Ontario high school applicant using the OUAC 101 application, you will receive a decision from all of the University of Toronto faculties you selected. Those who are not admitted to their selected program(s) may be considered for alternate programs and campuses, space permitting.
  • The majority of admission decisions are released during three admission rounds, occurring in February, March and May; however, some earlier offers may also be made.
  • Once an offer of admission is made, students who would like to make any program choices should notify the admissions office and not make any changes to their application.

All Other Applicants (OUAC 105, International, Internal, Non-Degree, Part-time)

  • If you are applying using another application – not the OUAC 101 – you will receive a decision from all of the University of Toronto faculties you selected. If you are not admitted to your preferred program(s), you may be considered for other U of T programs and campuses, space permitting. 
  • Admission decisions are released between mid-December and late May.
  • College/university transfer applicants are encouraged to submit current transcripts that indicate the courses they are currently enrolled in and any final grades from the previous semesters. If we are unable to make a conditional decision based on the current academic record, the final transcript from that semester will be required to make a decision.

A Few Notes

  • Please apply and submit required documentation well in advance of deadlines, as some programs fill early, and some may fill even before the published deadlines.
  • Electronic document submissions are recommended where possible to accelerate the assessment process. Please do not submit duplicate documents as this will delay the assessment.
  • Any documents submitted after the listed document deadline may be assessed for admission, space permitting. If the original program you applied to has reached capacity after the document deadline date, your file may be reviewed for any possible alternate offers of admission related to your original program choice once all your required documents are submitted.