Admitted Students

Students sitting outdoors

Congratulations on your offer of admission and welcome to U of T Mississauga! We are very excited to provide you an opportunity to join our inspirational and supportive community!


Accept Your Offer

Your offer will specify your specific deadline to accept your offer on OUAC, don't miss it!

International students are also required to pay the $1,000 CAD Admissions Deposit when accepting. Visit the JOIN U of T website for information and instructions.


Housing Application Fee

If you are planning to live on campus, you must complete the UTM Housing Application after accepting your offer of admission.

More information about this will be communicated to students who accept their offer in early 2020.

New Students Website

New Students Website

Explore the New Students website, offering you a comprehensive guide for a successful transition and start to your university experience after you've accepted offer.

Passport with Visa

Apply for a Study Permit

Most foreign nationals need a study permit to study in Canada. We strongly recommend you apply for or upgrade your study permit as soon as possible. Our International Education Centre can help you with this.

Other Next Steps

  1. Transfer Students: Now that you have your offer of admission to U of T Mississauga, you must apply for transfer credit assessment and pay the $30 application fee.
  2. Visit your new campus: Over 80% of students surveyed said that visiting their university was an important factor in their decision to accept their offer of admission.
  3. Join a webinar: Over the next few months, we'll be hosting many online webinars to get you acquainted with the many people, services, and opportunities available to you during your transition to university.
  4. Keep your offer: Since most offers are based on interim grades, they are conditional. Your offer will outline any and all conditions required to keep your offer. Once we receive your final official results, you will be notified that any conditions placed on your offer have been met. That's when you can do your happy dance!

‚ÄčAlternate Offers

Did you receive an offer to a program or U of T campus you didn't apply to? Congratulations! You've received an alternate offer!

Alternate Program Offers

An alternate program offer is not a rejection to the university; in fact, it’s another opportunity! We carefully consider all applications before providing an offer. Students who do not meet the requirements for their original program choice, but are still admissible to the University, are sometimes offered admission to an alternate program that reflects their academic strengths.

Alternate Campus Offers

The U of T family includes three distinct campuses, each offering a unique university experience, but all sharing in the commitment to provide our students with an excellent and unparalleled education. This tri-campus system means that our students are able to take courses at other U of T campuses, use all the facilities, be taught by professors who lecture at multiple campuses, and graduate with a University of Toronto degree.

While we realize that you may not have considered U of T Mississauga initially, we think that this offer is something for you to be excited about!

What's Next with an Alternate Offer

It’s important that you research your options, ask questions to the right people, and make an informed decision. This can begin by booking a guided campus tour with an upper-year student. The reasons to accept a university offer are often very personal and unique. Let us show you why accepting an offer to U of T Mississauga will help you to realize your future goals.

If you plan on taking summer school to increase your grades, notify us immediately of your intent to do so. If your final grades do increase, bring in your grade report to us as soon as you receive it and we may reconsider you for your original program choice, if the program still has space.

Deferring Your Admission

If you decide to put your studies on hold, you may request a one-year deferral of your offer of admission. If granted, the deferral of admission will also include a deferral of any entrance scholarship(s) awarded, the residence guarantee (if applicable), and your admission to the current academic year will automatically be cancelled.

Your deferral request will be considered if you:

  • Accept your offer of admission to the University;
  • Pay the $1,000 Admission Deposit, if required to do so;
  • Meet all conditions stated in the offer of admission;
  • Confirm that you do not plan to study at another post-secondary institution.

The deadline to submit a Request for Deferral is September 12, 2019 (extended from August 30, 2019). The form will be available on the JOIN U of website > Offer of Admission page.

If you miss the deferral deadline, you will have to reapply for admission in a future session.  We suggest you submit your deferral request as soon as your official, final transcripts are available. Finally, if you have already registered for courses, you must drop or withdraw from all your courses as soon as possible.