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Student Highlight: FSC Student Bethany Krebs featured in UTM News

Fourth year student (and soon to be alumna) Bethany Krebs was featured this month in the UTM News article, UTM Forensic Science student uses sandblaster to more effectively detect fingerprints, detailing her independent research project.
Working in the CSI House on campus, Bethany conducted experiments showing abrasive blasting of a specialized powder over a surface is more effective at revealing fingerprints than the conventional dusting method. Under the supervision of IDENT professor Wade Knaap, and forensic lab tech Agata Gapinska, her study also found this innovative method to be more efficient and economical. 
Follow the link below to be taken to the full UTM News article: 


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Working on campus for UTM Forensic Science

December 1, 2020 update: If you need to come to the UTM campus for work or research related to UTM Forensic Science, please follow the departmental procedure by following this link.
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