Internship in Forensic Science Application

FSC Internship Applications for the 2018-19 Academic Year will open in Decemeber 2017.

(Restricted to Forensic Science Specialists)

If you are a FSC Specialist student, currently in your 3rd year of studies (or higher) and are either, curently completing/have completed the required "STATS" course(/s) for your FSC Program, then you are eligible to apply for the FSC Internship for 2018-19.  The Program will send out a call for internship applications by e-mail to all 3rd year FSC Specialists to notify students of the internship application deadlines before the end of the Fall 2017 term.

FSC481Y5 Internship in Forensic Science (SCI,EXP)

As the capstone experience for the Forensic Science Specialist Programs, this course provides students with professional practice and research experience. Students are required to attend classes that address proper research design and methodology, as well as issues of professional practice in the forensic sciences including: ethics; research protocols; written and verbal communication skills; professional communication (interviews, letters, emails, reports, presentations, and publications); and expert witness testimony. Students will also be placed with a participating forensic agency to conduct research and gain an understanding of the unit's daily operations. In addition to practice presentations, critiques, an ethics approval application, a 10-15 page research proposal, and a mock interview, students are required to formally present the results of their research at the annual Forensic Science Day symposium and submit a publication quality manuscript of their work.

Exclusion: FSC439Y5
Prerequisite: Enrolment in a Forensic Science Specialist Program; completion of the statistics course(s) requirement listed within the student's Forensic Science Program (STA215H5, 220H5, STA221H5; BIO360H5, BIO361H5; PSY201, PSY202H5); FSC300H5,302H5 and permission of instructor.


  1. For information on Forensic Science Internships, please see the Experiential Learning Office website:

    Students MUST contact Ms. Teresa Cabral in the Forensic Science Office (Room 402, Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex, 905-569-4423, by the November preceding the placement.
  2. Students must have one free day (Monday - Friday) to work in a placement position, and must be in the final year before graduation. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to placement work site.