Undergraduate Studies


Join our community of highly skilled, professional, and employable students, and become a part of many unique opportunities in the UTM Forensic Science Program. 

Entry into the Forensic Science programs is limited. Students are urged to read the program information found here.

ALL students contemplating Forensic Science as their intended area of study MUST first complete the required introductory university level courses (see specific FSC program for min. requirements) before they can apply to be considered for admission into the program.

The selection of the second science major is limited. While other majors must be approved by the FSC Faculty Advisor, the following are approved:

  • Anthropology B.Sc. with emphasis on forensic and biological anthropology
  • Biology with emphasis on forensic biology and molecular biology
  • Chemistry with emphasis on forensic chemistry
  • Psychology with emphasis on forensic psychology

Each of these approved second science majors have basic departmental requirements that must be fulfilled (students must check individual departmental listings for specific second science major program requirements). In addition to these basic requirements, there are provisions for a number of options.

Students are strongly advised to consult with the Forensic Science program advisor who can provide recommended courses among these options to direct student preparation for a career in their chosen field of interest. Students are also advised to consult with the individual departmental faculty student advisor for recommended guidelines for course selection within their second science major.

In addition to the Forensic Science (Double) Major program, the following Forensic Science Specialist programs are available for more directed study: Forensic Anthropology; Forensic Biology; Forensic Chemistry and Forensic Psychology.

Entry into all Forensic Science Programs is by special application only.