FSC483H5: Collaborative Research Internship in Forensic Science


Application Deadline:  February 28, 2023, 11:59pm.

(Restricted to Forensic Science Specialists)

Please click on the links below and carefully read through all the information, prior to filling out the application form below.

CLICK HERE for FSC482/483 Collaborative Research Internship in Forensic Science Application Information & Instructions

CLICK HERE for Internship Placement Model CV (word format)

  • Internship CV's MUST be submitted using the above CV format, sent as Word Doc AND PDF format (you will submit 3 files: your transcript, and two CV formats).

Collaborative Research Internship Application

Reminder: These topics are intended to be interdisciplinary. For example, if a forensic anthropology student is interested in heavy metal testing, the topic could be expanded to include heavy metal testing in bone.

FSC483 Option 1, Group Mentor: Dr. Frank Wendt


FSC483 Option 2, Group Mentor: Lelia Watamaniuk


FSC483 Option 3, Group Mentor: Caitlin Pakosh, JD


FSC483 Option 4, Group Mentor: Dr. Karen Woodall

FSC483 Application