Forensic Science Award

Each year, the Award for Outstanding Performance in Forensic Science is given to the graduating student who achieved the highest academic standing in their graduating class. This award acknowledges the hard work and excellent effort put forth by the student.


In 2019, a student from each FSC Specialist Degree was chosen for their outstanding performance.
From left to right: Dr. Tracy Rogers (Director), Dr. Rasmus Rosenberg Larsen, Dr. Nicole Novroski, Jesse Garcia (FSC Biology winner), Paige Holmes (FSC Psychology winner), Olivia Liu (FSC Anthropology winner), Jackie Han (FSC Chemistry winner), Dr. Vivienne Luk



Ellie Shoji and Alexandra Chee


Bonnie To


Laura Mison



Andrew Mazurek

H.BSc. Forensic Anthropology Specialist

Andrew hopes to attend medical school in the future, particularly in the interest of pursuing forensic pathology. His internship involved research in this field, with a review of workplace-related fatalities at the Hamilton Regional Forensic Pathology Unit. Currently, Andrew is continuing studies at U of T, intending to complete a Masters degree in Molecular Anthropology, focusing on the genetic determinants of health. His research will focus on the detection of susceptibility genes for Type 2 Diabetes through the use of Admixture Mapping.  In addition to diabetes, Andrew is particularly interested in the genetics of dementia and patient care; he has been volunteering with dementia patients at Trillium Hospital for over 3 years. He stays in touch with the Forensic program by continuing to volunteer at the Forensic Anthropology laboratory and by taking part in future field opportunities.

Andrea Zumrova


Meera Johannah Bissram

H.BSc. Forensic Chemistry Specialist

Meera currently resides in Trinidad and Tobago, a little island in the Caribbean where she was born and raised. Meera decided to complete her undergraduate studies in forensic science so that she could later utilize the knowledge and practical skills in helping to transform her country into a safer place. After her graduation, Meera is eager to join the forensic professionals in Trinidad and Tobago. She is hoping to secure a job in the field of forensic toxicology, an interest that originated from her undergraduate internship at the Provincial Toxicology Centre in Vancouver, where she was tasked with validating LC/MS/MS methods for the detection and quantification of illicit drugs and medications in hair.

Meera Johannah Bissram


Andrea Zumrova

H.BSc. Forensic Biology Specialist

Andrea hopes to attend medical school in the next year to perhaps pursue a career in forensic pathology. During university, she started the Health Interest Club which ran for two years while she worked two part-time jobs. Andrea also volunteered as a water polo assistant coach and will be continuing the sport competitively this upcoming year.

Andrea Zumrova