Interview with Angela Kwok

Angela Kwok
H.BSc. Forensic Psychology Specialist, 2012

"The Relationship Between Psychopathic, Borderline, Antisocial Personality Disorder Traits and Sexual Behaviours in Romantic Relationships"

Durham University
Durham, England


Angela Kwok

Angela completed her internship with Dr. Luna Muñoz at Durham University. Over the course of 6 weeks, Angela conducted research under Dr. Muñoz's supervision about the relationship between psychopathic personality traits and sexual behaviours in romantic relationships. Angela compiled a questionnaire booklet to measure different variables - psychopathic traits, sexual coercion, mate retention, relationship exclusivity, and partner poaching.

  • This international experience was beneficial to me since I had the chance to experience the whole process of conducting psychological research. I was able to design the study, choose the questionnaires to be used, recruit participants, collect the data, analyze the data, and write the research paper. I was also able to learn about the different kinds of interactions that occur in a culture that is different from the North American culture as I communicated with strangers and interacted with my participants. These experiences are transferable to my intended career goal as they have broadened my perspective and have taught me social and interactive skills.
  • Although a research study like the one I conducted could have been conducted in my local community and there was no real need to go to England, I took the opportunity to make contact with a culture that I have absolutely no experience with. By doing the work in a different city from where I am familiar with, I was able to learn much more than simply how to conduct a research study.
  • I am pursuing further studies in the law and hope to become a lawyer in the future. I will probably stay in Canada to work after I have completed my law degree.