Interview with Larissa Johnson

Larissa Johnson
H.BSc. Forensic Psychology Specialist, Exceptionality in Human Learning Major,
Psychology Minor, 2012

"The Effect of Recidivism in the Cayman Islands"

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
Cayman Islands


Larissa Johnson

Larissa completed her 6-week internship with Det. Chief Inspector Michael Cranswick and Sgt. Richard Scott at the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. She looked through criminal records for male recidivists, or re-offenders, and studied whether or not sentence severity affected their likelihood of re-offending.

  • This project helped increased my proficiency in time management and report writing. However, in the future I hope to have more clinical involvement in my field as I hope to go into practice and not only focus on research.
  • Other students should be encouraged to study abroad. Justice systems around the world vary dramatically and I think it would be interesting for students to see the law from the perspectives of others.
  • In the future, ideally, I would like to work in a mental health facility. Speicalizing in sexual offending and psychopathy, I hope to create effective rehabilitation and treatment options for these offenders so that they may be integrated into society. I intend to work in the U.S.