Interview with Agata Gapinska-Serwin

Agata Gapinska-Serwin
H.BSc. Forensic Chemistry Specialist, 2008                

Laboratory Technician (Forensic Science & Chemistry)
University of Toronto Mississauga

Agata Gapinska-Serwin

Agata Gapinska-Serwin is a graduate of the forensic chemistry program, and is currently working at the University of Toronto Mississauga as a laboratory technician. Specifically, she is in charge of the forensic identification labs as well as second-year chemistry labs. Agata is extremely happy with her current position, describing it as the "perfect marriage of my original career paths: chemistry, forensics and education."

  • (When asked why she was initially interested in forensic science): It was the opportunity to bring the physical sciences/chemistry to a real world setting.
  • The Forensic Science undergraduate program, at that time, was the only one available in Ontario. It was established with the help of the Centre of Forensic Sciences so I knew it was of high quality and calibre. Likewise, it was offered through the University of Toronto, which is a respected university. I knew that taking that program at UTM would set me up for the future.
  • I believe my undergraduate degree in forensic sciences has benefitted me because it opened up two distinct pathways - one in the sciences, and one in forensics/police - or something that is a combination of both.
  • In my opinion, the most valuable aspect of my undergraduate career was the labs. It made it a practical course, and provided hands-on experience. Lectures, theories and textbooks are foundations to a great education but the practical labs brought the learning to life.
  • I was very impressed with the faculty and instructors. They were all currently working and excelling in their field. It was great to hear about their cases and related experiences. I had a lot of respect for them as they were truly passionate about their career.