General Frequently Asked Questions



Q: I am currently looking at program required courses to enroll in for the year and was wondering if I will automatically be put into the FSC239Y5 Introduction to Forensic Science course for first years or do I need to manually add/enroll in the course on my ACORN account as it was not listed as a 1st year course to add in the UTM student timetable creator?

 A:  Yes, you must and should manually add/enroll in the course on your ACORN account yourself. Although the course number starts with '2 'and most 1st year courses start with '1', this IS the FSC Introductory course required for entry into all FSC Programs.

 Q: Should I be enrolling into FSC100H5 The Real CSI & FSC102H5 The Real Law and Order in my first year? 

 A: Although FSC100H5 The Real CSI & FSC102H5 The Real Law and Order are 1st year courses, they are not the FSC Program required introductory courses.  All newly admitted FSC year 1 students should enroll into FSC239Y5 Introduction to Forensic Science.

Q:  What 1st year courses should I enroll in?

A:  Consult our page, 'What courses should I be taking in my first year?'