Sessional & Adjunct Professors

Eugene Liscio

Eugene Liscio, P. Eng
Adjunct Professor
3D Crime Scene Mapping & Reconstruction

Owner, AI2-3D
Tel: TBA

Office: NE 5010

As a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario, Eugene Liscio, P. Eng. is the owner of AI2-3D, a company that specializes in 3D forensic measurement, analysis and visualizations for law enforcement and legal industries. In his daily work, Eugene has created 3D reconstructions of shooting incidents, homicides,  medical malpractice and vehicular accidents using a variety of 3D technologies for evidence of all sizes.  He has been accepted as an expert witness in both Canada and the US and was recognized for his work on the David Camm case; a triple homicide case where an x-state trooper was wrongly convicted of killing his wife and two children.  Some of his work has been featured on 48 Hours and also NBC Dateline. 
 Eugene teaches the Introduction to 3D Forensic Reconstruction and Mapping course as part of the Forensic Sciences Program and is actively involved in assisting both graduate and undergraduate students with 3D technologies such as photogrammetry, structured light scanners and terrestrial laser scanners in their research.  Previous and current research topics have been focused on bloodstain pattern analysis using laser scanning technology, documentation of clandestine graves, bullet trajectory analysis, photogrammetry for the documentation of wounds and bite mark analysis. He has also given many lectures, webinars workshops and training courses to law enforcement on the use of 3D technologies, especially wtih photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanners.
Eugene is currently the president of the International Association of Forensic and Security Metrology (IAFSM), a member of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) and also a member of the Canadian Identification Society (CIS). 

Rasmus Larsen

Rasmus Rosenberg Larsen, PhD
Instructor, LTA
Forensic Psychology and Philosophy

Tel: 647-575-4196

Office: NE 6182

Rasmus Rosenberg Larsen holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from University at Buffalo, New York. He is a lecturer in the Forensic Science Program and in the Philosophy Department. Rasmus’ main research interests cover issues in mental health research, moral psychology, and biomedical ontology. His current project involves studies of the theoretical validity of clinical construct, psychopathy, asking questions such as, what is psychopathy? Are psychopaths legally responsible? Is psychopathy a mental disease? Rasmus can be found teaching topics regarding the psychology of violence and antisocial conduct, as well as foundational philosophical and scientific issues in mental health research. 


Sessional Instructors

Caitlin Pakosh

Caitlin Pakosh, HBSc, JD
Instructor, SL2: Forensic Science & The Law in Canada,
Criminal Law & Innocence Canada 
Tel: TBA

Office: NE 5010


Caitlin Pakosh is an Assistant Crown Attorney in Newmarket with experience researching and writing about the intersection between forensic science and criminal law, most notably in her award-winning book featuring thirty-three expert contributors, “The Lawyer’s Guide to the Forensic Sciences” (Irwin Law, 2016). Before joining the Ministry of the Attorney General, Caitlin opened her own criminal defence firm after working for several years at Innocence Canada as its Senior Staff Lawyer. Caitlin was called to the Bar in Ontario in June 2012 after receiving her law degree from the University of Calgary in 2011. She is a proud graduate of UTM’s forensic science program, having graduated in 2008 specializing in forensic anthropology with a minor in biology.