Program Course List

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FSC100H5 The Real CSI (SCI)
FSC101H5 The Real Law & Order (SCI)
ANT205H5 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (SCI)
FSC210H5 Physical Evidence and Microscopy (SCI)
FSC220H5 Introduction to Forensic Psychology (SCI)
FSC239Y5 Introduction to Forensic Science (SCI)
FSC271H5 Ethics and Professionalism in Forensic Science (SCI)
FSC300H5 Forensic Identification (SCI,EXP)
FSC302H5 Advanced Forensic Identification (SCI,EXP)
FSC303H5 Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation (SCI,EXP)
ANT306H5 Forensic Anthropology Field School (SCI,EXP)
FSC307H5 Missing Persons DVI and Unidentified Human Remains (SCI)
FSC311H5 Forensic Chemistry (SCI,EXP)
FSC314H5 Current Trends in Forensic Biology (SCI)
FSC315H5 Forensic Biology (SCI,EXP)
FSC316H5 Forensic Anatomy (SCI)
FSC320H5 Forensic Psychopathology (SCI)
FSC330H5 Best Practices in Forensic Science (SCI)
FSC335H5 Forensic Epistemology and Theory (SCI)
FSC340H5 Research Design (SCI)
PSY344H5 Forensic Psychology (SCI)
FSC350H5 Special Topics in Forensic Science (SCI)
FSC351H5 Advanced Topics in Forensic Science (SCI)
FSC360H5 Evidence, Law and Forensic Science in Canada (SSc)
FSC361H5 Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System
FSC370H5 Forensic Psychopharmacology (SCI)
FSC371H5 The Science of Cannabis (SCI)
FSC399Y5 Research Opportunity Program (SCI,EXP)
FSC401H5 Forensic Pathology (SCI)
FSC402H5 Forensic Toxicology (SCI)
FSC403H5 Forensic Analytical Toxicology (SCI)
HSC403H5 Visualization of Forensic Demonstrative Evidence (SCI)
HSC405H5 Digital Forensic Facial Reconstruction (SCI)
FSC406H5 Introduction To 3D Crime Scene Mapping And Reconstruction (SCI,EXP)
FSC407H5 Forensic Identification Field School (SCI,EXP)
FSC415H5 Advanced Methods in Forensic Biology (SCI)
FSC416H5 Population Genetics (SCI)
FSC420H5 Field and Lab Methods in Forensic Psychology (SSc,EXP)
FSC430H5 Seminar in Forensic Science (SSc,SCI)
ANT439H5 Advanced Forensic Anthropology (SCI,EXP)
FSC481Y5 Internship in Forensic Science (SCI,EXP)
FSC482H5 Professional Practice in Forensic Science (SCI)
FSC483H5 Collaborative Research Internship (SCI,EXP)
FSC489H5 Advanced Independent Project (SSc,SCI)