FSC482HY5/FSC483H5 Collaborative Research Internship Application

Application Deadline:  February 28, 2020.

(Restricted to Forensic Science Specialists)

Please click on the links below and carefully read through all the information, prior to filling out the application form below.

Collaborative Research Internship in Forensic Science Application Information & Instructions

Collaborative Research Internship in Forensic Science Course Description, Project Information & Project Opportunity Lists 

Internship Placement Model CV (word format)

  • Internship CV's MUST be submitted using the above CV format, sent as Word Doc AND PDF format (you will submit 3 files: your transcript, and two CV formats).

Collaborative Research Internship Application (Closed)

Reminder: These topics are intended to be interdisciplinary. For example, if a forensic anthropology student is interested in heavy metal testing, the topic could be expanded to include heavy metal testing in bone.