FSC407 - Ident Field School Application

2021 Application Deadline: May 31, 2021

IMPORTANT: Before filling  out this application, ensure that you have read and understood the instructions, eligibility and requirements below. 



Course Description

A field course to complement the material covered in both FSC300H5F, Forensic Identification & FSC302H5, Advanced Forensic Identification. The field school will be held on the U of T Mississauga Campus over a 2-week period during the summer term and during weekly two hour labs in the fall term. In these classes, students will experience practical exposure to field and laboratory methods related to evidence recognition, collection and interpretation. Emphasis will be placed on the types of evidence collected, processed, and analyzed by forensic identification specialists. General evidence and small object photography techniques will be an important component of the course. [104P]

Topics covered include :

  • the duties of a forensic identification specialist
  • scene documentation techniques
  • different types of evidence
  • scene preservation and management techniques – protocols
  • evidence visualization techniques
  • advanced fingerprint development techniques
  • footwear impression evidence recovery and preservation techniques (2 and 3 dimensional impressions)
  • basic blood stain patterns and the application of blood stain analysis in a crime scene investigation
  • crime scene reconstruction through use of 3D laser scanning, photogrammetry/cloud comparison
  • fire scene investigations
  • evidence collection using archaeological recovery techniques (including human remains)
  • hazardous scenes (CBRNE) and restoring scenes to pre-contaminated condition
  • identification process relating to friction ridge and footwear impression evidence through the use of comparator software programs and analysis reports
  • presentation of crime scene evidence


The August field school and the Fall term laboratory sessions take place on the UTM campus.

Course Delivery and Timeline

Students must be avaialbe for both the August fieldwork and the laboratory classes in the Fall term.  Participation in August fieldwork is a required component of the course.  This course is typically offered every year.

  • Fieldwork takes place from 9 am to 5 pm over two consecutive weeks:  from Monday, August 16th to Friday, August 27th, 2021.
  • Weekly two-hour laboratory classes are held during the fall term.

Fees and supplies to be purchased:

  • Students are only charged Fall Registration for the course; there are no summer tuition charges.
  • Students must submit a non-refundable ancillary fee of $35.00 CAD to the UTM Forensic Science Program prior to being enrolled in the course via ROSI/ACORN. (The ancillary fee covers the cost of minor field school supplies. All excavation equipment will be supplied.)
  • Students are required to supply his/her own compact flash memory card for the photography portion of the course (minimum 1 GB), which can be kept by the student after the duration of the course. All other materials will be supplied.
  • Students must buy CSA-approved steel-toed work boots (hiking boot style is acceptable).
  • For the field school portion, students are expected to wear clothing appropriate for outdoor/field work (long pants), including boots.

Eligibility and prerequisites

  • Students must have completed FSC239Y5, FSC300H5, and FSC302H5, or have the instructor’s approval to register in the course. If the course prerequisites are not met, the submitted application will be considered as an application for the instructor’s approval. Every student wishing to take FSC407H5 must submit a completed form. Preference for course enrollment will go to University of Toronto Mississauga students registered in the Forensic Science Specialist Programs, then FSC Majors and FSC Minors.
  • Students must have the approval (by way of field school application) of the UTM Forensic Science program before being enrolled in the course on ROSI/ACORN. Approval will be based on number of credits completed, area of concentration, academic standing, course background and/or previous courses.
  • This field school course is only open to University of Toronto students. First priority will be given to UTM students. Enrolment is limited.

Application and enrolment process

  1. Request departmental approval to enrol in the course by submitting the online Field School Application Form
  2. Check your @mail.utoronto.ca email account for the results of your application (confirmation emails will be sent out during the first week of August) . You will receive departmental approval to enrol in this course by email, and you must complete the steps below in order to complete your enrolment.
  3. If you are approved to enrol in the course, submit the $35.00 CAD ancillary fee to Murray Clayton, Program Officer, in NE5204. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, interac e-transfer of the fee may be sent to murray.clayton@utoronto.ca. Arrangements may be made to accept cash (with exact amount - change is not provided) or cheque (cheques must be made payable to "University of Toronto"). A receipt for payment will be provided to you.
  4. After you have submitted your payment, the department will enrol you in the course via ACORN (when enrolment is open). You must submit your ancillary fee payment before we can enrol you in the course on ROSI/ACORN.


If you have any questions please contact the Program Administrator at teresa.cabral@utoronto.ca


IMPORTANT: Before filling out this application, ensure that you have read and understood the instructions, eligibility and requirements above. 

FSC407H5F includes a two week field school experience prior to the September semester, which runs from August 16 to 27, 2021.

The materials fee for the course is due no later than for the Friday, August 13th, 2021.