Forensic Science Mentorship & Advice Program



Program Overview

The Forensic Science Mentorship Advice Program (MAP) enables students new to the Forensic Science Program to be paired with an upper year student to learn from their mentor’s experiences and better navigate the undergraduate process. The aim of MAP is to connect the student community and enrich their overall experience within the program.

Expectations of Peer Mentor

Peer mentors will act as role-models and assist mentees with their transition into the program and connect them to resources important for their academic, personal, and professional success. Peer mentors should be third year or higher, have good standing in the program, and willing to make themselves available for advice and communication for a one-on-one pairing. In some rare cases, mentors may be asked to mentor up to, but no more than, three students.

Mentorship Requirements

The execution of mentorship may be up to the discretion of the mentor, as communication needs may change from person to person. However, to complete MAP and for co-curricular record eligibility, the following three criteria must be met:

  1. At least one in-person meeting with the mentee over the course of the semester, if communication will be primarily digital.
  2. Assist the mentee to create a S.M.A.R.T. goal.
    • The goal (either academic, personal, or professional in nature) can be for the semester or for subsequent years within the program.
    • Corresponding documentation for this goal should be completed and submitted to
  3. Attend one Forensic Science Event together.
    • Event can be hosted by either the Forensic Science Program or the IVNVI Forensics Society.
    • After the event, the mentor must complete and submit a reflection form based on the experience of the mentee to
    • Mentors with two or three students may be exempt from this requirement, circumstances depending.
  4. Reflect on the overall MAP experience.
    • At the end of the program, the mentor will be required to complete a reflection based on the experience of the mentee, to submit to

Mentorship Application

Note: This application will be vetted by the program officer and the current IVNVI president. Successful candidates will be selected for a secondary interview.

Note: This response will not affect your eligibility in becoming a mentor.
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