RESCHEDULED: Notice of Building Closure for W.G. Davis Building Electrical Service Interruption, JKL Block, now on Saturday, July 27, 2024


A planned electrical power shutdown has been rescheduled and will now take place on Saturday, July 27, 2024 (original back-up date) in W.G. Davis Building (JKL Block) and the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre (RAWC).   Please refer to the attached floor plans for areas of impact. 

To minimize the number of needed disruptions, this planned service interruption is to facilitate needed switchgear modifications for multiple projects: 

  • DV AHU-L2 & AHU-L3 Replacement
  • Spigel Hall and Commissary Kitchen Renovation
  • DV-1149 Fire Pump Replacement


The electrical service interruption will have a significant impact on items not plugged into Emergency Power.  

The JKL block in Davis Building will be closed for the duration of the planned power shutdown from 6 am to 9 pm.   To ensure the safety of the community, the entrance doors to W.G. Davis Building’s JKL areas will be locked and not accessible.

Within Davis Building’s Research Wing, Blocks A, B/C and D will remain accessible as this service interruption is not expected to impact these areas.


The RAWC will remain open and accessible on the south entrance, including some RAWC facility limitations with which RAWC staff can assist.


Electrical Power Interruption (Normal Power Only; Loads connected to Emergency power will remain unaffected)


W.G. Davis Building (JKL Block) and the RAWC 

WHEN:  Saturday July 27, 2024  


Backup Date and Duration:  Saturday August 3, 6AM to 9PM




Due to the extensive number of services affected, it is recommended that access through this area during this shutdown event should be avoided unless necessary.  

The Electrical service interruption will have a significant impact on items not plugged into Emergency Power.  


Services affected by this interruption:


  • Normal lighting in Classrooms, Offices, Washrooms and Hallways will be offline
  • Normal power from receptacles in Classrooms, Offices, Washrooms and Hallways will be offline
  • Air Handling Unit systems in Davis J, K and L Block will be offline (There will be no ventilation air/exhaust air and interior temperatures will be warmer than usual)
  • Elevators  – serving JKL block will be offline
  • Davis Loading Dock - Will be offline
  • I&ITS infrastructure and Wifi will be offline
  • Tcard readers, Lockboxes will be offline
  • Normal power receptacles will be offline


As a precaution against lost work, users may wish to save any digital files and turn off their computers at the end of the work day on Friday, July 26, 2024.


Services NOT affected by this interruption:

Please note: ALL equipment connected to emergency power will experience a one-second ‘blip’ when power is transferred from the utility grid to the emergency generator and a second one-second ‘blip’ when power is transferred back; otherwise this equipment will remain unaffected.

  • All life safety devices such as fire protection and emergency lighting will be unaffected by this electrical work.
  • All critical equipment fed by generator power will be unaffected and will remain operational throughout the interruption.
  • Emergency power receptacles will be unaffected

Services Affected
Electrical Service Interruption
Maintenance Period
Contact Information

For questions or concerns, please contact


Ashwin Rodrigues (905) 301-3119

Manju Thomas (905) 301-4160


We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your patience.