Phase 1: Environmental Scan

Timeline Phase 1In Phase 1 of the Linking Skills project, the Experiential Education Unit (EEU) will conduct an environmental scan of the current employment landscape for Humanities graduates in Ontario through a survey of University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) graduates, alumni, and their employers.

Both the Conference Board of Canada and the Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation recently called on post-secondary institutions to expand the supports available to Humanities graduates preparing to make the transition to the workforce. Any such efforts, however, are necessarily constrained by the lack of comprehensive data on the career ambitions, pathways, and trajectories of Humanities graduates in Ontario.

UTM is no different in this regard; hence the first step in improving employment outcomes for Humanities graduates is to better understand the experiences of our own Humanities students and alumni, including the unique challenges that they face in pursuing their career ambitions and how they are perceived by employers across industry sectors.

With the support of the Experiential Learning Faculty Liaison in the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre, UTM, a set of reflective surveys  ̶  targeted at graduating students, alumni, and their employers  ̶  has been created to pursue the following research goals:

  • Identify the intended career pathways of Humanities graduates and investigate how their career trajectories may have changed over time;
  • Increase awareness of the barriers that impact Humanities graduates and impede their employment in the short‐term;
  • Highlight the transferable skills valued by employers in different sectors, which Humanities graduates have successfully applied in the workforce; and
  • Understand how employers perceive Humanities graduates and how their applications are evaluated by current recruitment processes.

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Graduating Students & Alumni Surveys

Please choose the survey most appropriate to your alumni status based on when you graduated from U of T.

  • Graduating Students Survey (November 2020)
  • Recent Graduates Survey (June 2020, November 2019, June 2019)
  • Alumni Survey (November 2018 and earlier)

Employer Survey

If you are an employer, please have a member of your recruitment team complete the survey below.

  • Employer Survey