Funding Request

In order to recognize the success of this program and to encourage its continued development, the Dean is providing funds so that ROP supervisors may apply to our office for research support of up to $750.00 (0.5 FCE) and $1500.00 (1.0 FCE) per student/project.

The funds are to be used for any legitimate research expense which can include:

*Student travel expenses do not include student travel to conferences.  Expenses for student travel to conferences should be discussed separately with your Department and not applied for in your ROP Funding Request.

As part of the Office of the Dean's ROP Sustainability Program, supervisors are highly encouraged to opt in to this service for their computer hardware needs. Supervisors who request this service in their funding proposals will be contacted by I&ITS to ensure that their course-specific requirements are met.

To apply for the ROP research funds, please log onto the ROPAPP and select the Funding option under Actions in your project proposal(s).

Include the following information in your funding proposal:

  1. A budget for the funding.
  2. A brief description of the purpose for the allotted funds and its significance to your project.
  3. How these funds will benefit the student research experience in your course.

Funding will only be allocated to an approved project if there is a registered student in the ROP course.

The deadline for 2019-20 ROP funding submissions is Friday, February 15, 2019.