CEWIL Innovation HUB (iHub) Funding

Cooperative Education and Work-Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada has announced a second round of Innovation HUB (iHub) funding to support curricular Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences for undergraduate and graduate students at post-secondary institutions in the May to August 2021 semester.

As stipulated in the in the iHub Applicant Guide (https://tinyurl.com/iHubfunding), this grant-based funding is intended to enable and promote the following types of curricular WIL: applied research/industry projects, entrepreneurial WIL, field placements, and community engaged learning. All projects must address one or more of the following key outcomes:

  •  Expanding access to WIL opportunities, particularly for under-represented students (i.e., the iHub project has a focus on supporting Indigenous students, racialized Canadians, persons with disabilities, women in STEM, newcomers, and rural and remote students)
  • Removing barriers for students to participate in work-integrated learning
  • Leveraging technology to enhance programming or extend access, including the use of technology to support virtual or remote WIL experiences in response to COVID-19
  • Innovating work-integrated learning through new partnerships and new models for curricular WIL

Proposal Requirements:

  •  Funding must be used to create new and innovative WIL experiences, enhance existing WIL experiences and/or expand access to WIL experiences. All project proposals should indicate how technology will be utilized to support the WIL experience.
  • All projects must involve a Canadian community, post-secondary institution, government, or industry partner. Partners are required to contribute a minimum of 20% of the total project cost in cash or in-kind (e.g., supervision, mentoring, equipment, hosting events, etc.).
  • Funding requests per eligible student must be between $200 and $1800 and provide some direct student benefit, such as a stipend, fee reimbursement or other direct benefit.

Priority will be given to project proposals that enhance WIL experiences through skills development, expand access to WIL opportunities, particularly for under-represented groups, and/or leverage technologies in innovative ways to support WIL.

Additional allowable expenditures include honoraria for external partners, direct project costs (e.g., materials, training, or resources that enhance or extend access to WIL), and expenses incurred by the University supporting the operation of the WIL project (e.g., materials, technology). Typical university administrative costs (e.g., faculty salaries, benefits, processing fees, overhead costs, project administration) are not eligible.

Using the link below, please submit one Expression of Interest (EOI) form per course/program by March 18, 2021 to indicate your desire to apply for iHub funding. The Experiential Education Unit will be collecting all EOIs and will connect with you regarding next steps.

For inquiries regarding the EOI submission form, please contact Rena Banwait (rena.banwait@utoronto.ca).

Note: The deadline for submission of applications to CEWIL is March 30, 2021. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by May 1, 2021.

CEWIL Canada iHub Funding: Expression of Interest Submission Form