Off Campus Activities - Waivers

If you are sponsoring an activity that goes beyond regular academic requirements, and falls outside of the following:

  • Academic Internship
  • Practica
  • Work Integrated Learning
  • Community Engaged Service Learning
  • Research Opportunity Program

You are required to prepare a waiver in which the student is to sign prior to engaging in any activity outside of the list above.  This is in order to reduce the University’s legal liability risk, especially for activities where participants will be exposed to different risk environments than they may be used to in their everyday experience.

The waiver must have the following requirements:

  • Departmental letterhead
  • Important details relating to the site location (i.e. location name, address, etc.)
  • Place to include name of student
  • Place to include student details (i.e. address, telephone, emergency contact information, email, pertinent information relating to allergies (if relevant)
  • Date of excursion/activity
  • Information about the excursion/activitiy
  • Any relevant information provided by the site location (i.e. rules, regulations, etc.)
  • If any additional information/details are required (i.e. Vulnerable Sector Check, TB, Immunization, etc.)
  • Place for signature of student and date

You are welcome to use this generic template prepared by the Experiential Education Unit or should you wish to prepare a waiver of your own, you can find examples here prepared by U of T's Risk Management Department:

Students should also complete the Protection of Confidential Information Agreement prior to engaging in the activity.

As well, please refer to the U of T Framework for Off-Campus Safety and Safety in Field and Research information.