EXP Designation Explanation

How to identify which courses at UTM have an experiential learning component:

The Experiential Learning designation (EXP) is a new addition to the UTM Academic Calendar.  Courses designated as EXP involve a minimum of 10 hours per 0.5 credits and 20 hours per 1.0 credits of experiential learning.

Experiential learning is learning by doing through carefully chosen experiences that are supported by reflection, critical analysis and synthesis, and includes feedback on the effectiveness of students’ learning efforts.

Experiential learning can occur inside or outside the classroom and will typically involve a relationship that goes beyond an individual instructor and student.

Within the classroom, lab or tutorial, experiential learning can take place in laboratory experiences that involve student-initiated projects and experiments, participation in case studies, role-playing, simulations or debates, in circumstances that require students to reflect on what they have learned in these experiences.

Experiential learning often promotes strong relationships between academic studies and either career exploration or community involvement through creative interactions with a business, community group, research project or the physical environment.

Outside the classroom, experiential learning can occur in field trips, service learning, courses that involve assisting faculty with research projects, internships and practicum.

Example of how the EXP designation appears in the calendar:  ABC123Y5   Course Title   (HUM, SSc, SCI, EXP)