Capstone Design in Computer Science CSC490H5

A group of young adults sitting at a row of computers, being given direction by an instructor. Course Overview:

This course gives students experience solving a substantial problem that may span several areas of Computer Science.  Students will define the scope of the problem, develop a solution plan, produce a working implementation and present their work using written, oral and (if suitable) video reports.  The class will be small and highly interactive. This is a team-oriented, project-based course in which the students develop a software system.  It does not always include a service learning component, but the system could be built for open source or actual non-profit “customer.”

Prerequisite: P.I., 3.0 CGPA/enrolment in a CSC Program of Study, CSC290H5. 
Info: contact Arnold Rosenbloom,, (905) 828-3830.