World Religions and Ecology ANT368H5

Course Overview:

This course surveys how religious and spiritual concerns interface with contemporary environmental issues. While introducing students to concerns and debates in environmental ethics, the course pays particular attention to the challenge posed to human and religious values by the present ecological situation and some salient ethical and religious responses to this challenge. Insights from contemporary Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, First Nations and other religious traditions will be discussed. Moreover, recent environmental debates concerning technology, sustainable development and eco-activism will also be treated. Class lectures will be supplemented by audiovisuals, guest lectures and class discussions. Students may opt for a 10-minute oral exam based on a 10-hour volunteer immersion experience with an organization in the area working on environmental issues, A man kneeling with his hands outstretched. In the background there is a setting sun. The man's hands are positioned in a way that make it appear as if the he is holding the sun in his hands. a list of which will be distributed in class. These students would relate their experience to the course material. Details of this option will be discussed in class. The oral exam would be held before the last two weeks of class by individual appointment with the instructor. 

Prerequisites: ANT204Y5/RLG101H5. 
For further Information, contact Prof. Stephen B. Scharper, Phone (905) 569-4912 (UTM office); (416) 978-7433 (St. George office).