Community Engaged Service Learning

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Community Engaged Service Learning (CESL) is a method of teaching and learning that combines academic classroom curriculum, reflection and learning objectives with meaningful service in the community.  The intent of the service activity is to change both the recipient and the provider of the service (i.e. community organization).  Service is combined, and there are structured opportunities that link the work being done to self-reflection, self-discovery, and the acquisition and comprehension of values, skills and knowledge content.  

Students gain a deeper understanding of civic responsibility, and are enriched by lifelong community engagement. Their practical work, combined with reflection on their experiences, creates a unique learning opportunity.

Community partners benefit by working with motivated, engaged students in a world-class university. They co-educate and mentor young people about the community issues and, in doing so, have a profound impact on their own organization and its future.

Integrating Community Engaged Service Learning is extremely rewarding for both the organization and the next generation of community leaders.

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