PSY442Y Exceptionality in Human Learning Internship Course

A series of photos demonstrating  how individuals learn in different ways.

Course Overview:

This Practicum course combines academic material (readings, weekly seminars, assignments, field trips) with practical experience in a community-based setting with exceptional children, youth or adults. The practicum focuses on several areas of exceptionality, including developmental delay, motor impairment, hearing impairment/deafness and visual impairment/blindness. This couse will assist students in evaluating their suitability for a variety of careers involving exceptional people, including education, counselling, rehabilitation, advocacy, research and writing. The course is available to Psychology Specialists, Exceptionality in Human Learning Majors and Psychology Majors and Minors on a competitive basis. Course fulfills the 400-level seminar requirement for the Psychology Specialist Program.

Prerequisites: 10.0 completed credits, including PSY210H5/213H5, 1.0 300 level credit in Psychology.

For more information, please contact:

Stuart Kamenetsky, PhD

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Associate Chair, Undergraduate Director, and Faculty Advisor
Deerfield Hall Room 4006

Telephone: 905-828-3958  FAX (905) 569-4326