FSC481Y Forensic Science Internship Course


A forensic intern examining a skull. Course Overview:

Placements are largely dependent upon availability of positions and may involve a research project or part-time work in a forensic unit or related facility. Forensic units include the Centre of Forensic Sciences, the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario, and a variety of local, provincial and national police and private agencies. Students will be teamed with an appropriate expert in the field of interest. A research paper or term paper and an oral presentation are required. This is a required course for Specialists in Forensic Science. If space allows, Forensic Majors may be accepted into the course. Students must contact the Internship Support Office in Nov./Dec. of the year preceding their placement. Students must have one free workday & transportation to their work placement. Five week summer placements may be possible.

Prerequisites: 4th year, Forensic Science Specialist or Major, P.I.

For more information, contact:

Teresa Cabral
Program Administrator & Academic Advisor
Tel: 905-569-4423
E-mail: teresa.cabral@utoronto.ca
Office: HSC 402