ECO400 Economics Internship Course

Course Overview:

The Department of Economics offers a credit-based internship to its course offerings to complement studies, and help fourth-year students to gain valuable experiential learning through an unpaid work placement in preparation for employment or grad school. According to the NACE 2005 Experiential Education Report, 45 per cent of employers offer higher salaries to incoming hires with internship experience than they offer to those without such experience. This internship course is a valuable opportunity for you to apply the economics expertise and knowledge you have gained through coursework through a part-time unpaid work commitment, and gain 1.0 academic credit at the same time.. A written report and presentation will also be required - see full course requirements.

Prerequisites: 15.0 full course equivalents by the fall of 2017

Please download the application forms below:

Application Package 2018-19

For further information, please contact one of the following:

Nick Zammit, Course Director
Innovation Complex Room KN3272
Ph. 905-569-4490

Corrine Bent-Womack, Internship Administrator
Innovation Complex Room KN3246
Ph. 905-828-3901

Visit the website for more information: